GINS Lighting Consulting Services


We design, engineer, manufacture and install state of the art lighting solutions for commercial and industrial applications. We engage with leading Architects, M & E Engineers, Facility Managers, Energy Managers and Industry Contractors to design and supply lighting systems and products to meet customer application needs.

GINS Lighting Design

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GINS provides lighting design consultancy services based on application needs for interior and exterior covering both small and large scale projects. We have vast experience in lighting design and application consultancy with the support of principal lighting partners who have a wide range of product solutions.

Our LED Lighting Consulting Services include:-

Materials and Products Sourcing

GINS has a very strong and reliable manufacturing and sourcing network locally, which enables us to offer attractive and quality products at very competitive prices.

Design Consultancy Services

GINS provides design consultancy services with our own in-house Product Design/Dialux Simulation, Product Fitting design and selection that meets local and international lighting standards.

Lighting Application Solutions

Expert advice and selection of range of products to suit ambience, mood and application requirement.

Energy & Lighting Audit

Site audit expertise and value add via lighting lux measurement, lighting energy audit (ROI calculations) and installation recommendations.

GINS Professional Lighting Partner

Industrial and Commercial Customers can depend on reliable, long lasting, better efficacy, quality light output from premium brands. Direct product support from Manufacturer/Principal provides Customers peace of mind.

Planning and Design Aids

Using lighting partners plug-in product database, GINS creates virtual worlds simply and intuitively with DIALux. This software tool enables our lighting designers create 3D visualization and lighting design.

GINS’s professional lighting design team provides realistic 3D simulations for a variety of applications in all fields of lighting, such as architectural, landscape and outdoor or even indoor.

We are able to generate realistic lighting designs to show exactly what the luminaire and lighting distribution will look like in real life, including accurate lighting analysis calculations.

3D Perspective Model for Façade Lighting
Lighting audit at client project site
Lighting audit at client project site
Post Installation lux measurement for street lighting
Post Installation lux measurement for street lighting