GINS LED Lighting Applications


GINS your trusted Lighting Application Partner.

GINS seeks to inspire and create value for our customers with effective, energy efficient, sustainable solutions via LED Lighting by understanding their business processes and application needs. GINS in-house lighting design and sourcing capabilities can meet each customer application need and budget. GINS has vast experience in designing and supplying to both new and retrofit projects, be it industrial, commercial, hospitality, landscape, street lighting or customized applications.

GINS Street & Compound Lights Applications


Lighting up streets and roads enhance the comfort, security and overall safety of our rapidly growing urban environment. GINS range of products makes for affordable LED road lighting solutions that ensures roads are well lit and in keeping with lighting standards.

GINS designs are geared to achieve better light uniformity and maximum spacing between poles for both pedestrian and vehicle road applications.

GINS Product range for street lights comply with local certifications requirement viz., JKR/JMAL/SIRM Approvals etc., and ensures reliability and affordability. Applications: Highways, Street Lighting & Residential Areas, Parks & Pathways and Car Parks.

GINS references:

  • MPK Bukit Raja Street Lighting
  • MBSA Street Lighting
  • Gemas Army Camp Street Lighting
  • UMW Toyota Test Track Street Lighting
  • Shell Business Service Centre Cyberjaya
  • Amkor Plant Banting Compound Lighting
  • PMU Olak Lempit Banting Compound Lighting
  • PMU Cochrane KL Compound Lighting
  • Carslberg Shah Alam Compound Lighting

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